Many of us have worked hard to get where we are, but not quite like the owner of Tile & Stone has. Resid Osmanovic, along with his wife and two daughters, came to this country in 1997 from Bratunac, Bosnia with just a few dollars in his pocket. He was trained as an electrician in Bosnia and his first job in America was working for an electrician. Because he did not speak any English, this job did not last long. In 1998, he went to work with a granite countertop company. Resid worked his way through the ranks and eventually became the head installer.

After six years of installing kitchens, he decided to go out on his own. The first two years he worked out of his garage. His craftsmanship and honest prices paid off. He did well enough that he was able to rent work space. In 2009, Resid upgraded again and rented a warehouse with a showroom on South Bay Rd in North Syracuse. He quickly outgrew that and purchased a building in East Syracuse. He now has a 1500 sq ft showroom plus warehouse space to house over 100 different colors of granite slabs to select from. Quartz and marble are also offered.

When asked what he attributes his success to he says, “I give people a good value for their money and they come back and tell their friends. I want to make all customers happy, because happy customers are good for business.”

Tile & Stone is commited to improving relationships with customers by providing the most comprehensive knowledge about the solid surface industry so customers can feel confident with their choice of countertop. If you are in the market for a new countertop, visit this hardworking team in their new location on James Street.